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VetIQ Tear Stain Remover Cleansing Aid for Cats and Dogs

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Manufacturer: Mark and Chappell



VetIQ Tear Stain Remover Cleansing Aid for Cats and Dogs is a gentle, non-toxic cleanser which is safe and easy to use.

I has been specially formulated with ingredients that help dissolve and remove stubborn and unsignly stains around the eyes and other areas.

VetIQ Tear Stain Remover will not cause any irritation to your pet as the ingredients used are non-allergic once used in the appropriate manner.

Pack Size: 100ml

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Krystyna Green

Disappointing result - although I use it on my pets eyes every day the stain does not seem to diminish. I chose this particular brand as it said it was non-irritating, and it does seem so. But the stains below my dogs eyes do not diminish very much as I had expected them to. I will keep up the applications, until the product is used up, to see if long term use does any better..........