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Nuts For Knots Ring Dog Toy

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Manufacturer: Happy Pet

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Nuts For Knots Rings are durable cotton rope dog toys manufactured in bright and distinctive colours that provide great entertainment for any dog.

Tough, durable, twisted chews are tied up into a ring shape to make a long lasting toy that your pet will love.

This extremely sturdy toy helps to look after your dog's teeth and gums acting with a flossing action as your dog chews.

Nuts For Knots Rings also has useful gaps between the cotton rope for treats to be hidden in for extra fun.

It provides great regular exercise for you and your dog together using interactive games such as fetching, throwing and tugging.

     Small: 20cm diameter, 320g. Suitable for medium sized dogs.
     Large: 25 cm diameter, 410g. Suitable for medium to large sized dogs.


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Debbie Mciver

I brought a small and a large version of this rope ring, looking for a toy that would withstand the rigors of some dogs who have a tendancy to chew. I was pleasantly surprised at the good quality of these toys. The small one is a little less than the size of a dinner plate and the larger one big enough to go over the head of a larger sized Labrador (much to his disgust!). Compared to other rope toys, the rope appears to be more tightly held together thus sustaining a prolonged chewing attack for longer. Undoubtedly, at some point, with regular chewing, the ring will eventually break up, but compared to some others I've seen around, its holding up pretty well at the moment. A decent price for a well made toy.