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Nuts For Knots Ball Dog Toy - From £2.34
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Nuts For Knots Ball Dog Toy

Nuts For Knots Ball Dog Toy big image

Manufacturer: Happy Pet

From: £2.34
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Nuts for Knots Balls have been researched and manufactured to enhance your dog's health and well being.

The cotton roped balls are lightweight, tough, durable and tied up tight to make a long lasting dog chew toy.

Nuts for Knots Balls can be used for interactive fetch and throw games and are also easy to chew and actually help towards dental hygiene.

As you dog chews the ball acts as a flossing action to help clean his/hers teeth.

If your dog loves balls and rope toys this is just right for your dog.

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Sarah Daykin
March 2015

Really durable toy, great for a chewer - lasted ages! Would definitely recommend.

Debbie Mciver
December 2014

I brought a medium sized ball for a friends dog that I was looking after and known to be a heavy chewer. The medium ball is about the same size as a cricket ball and for him (a Lab/Retriever cross) it was a decent size to fit into his mouth and carry around yet small enough to lie down and chew at with ease. Having chewed his way through pretty much every other type of toy I had in the box, this ball, although starting to unravel, is taking him a lot more of an effort and so far, the majority of it is still in one piece. Overall, it feels sturdier than some others that I have seen around and the rope seems to be more tightly knitted together to form the ball, probably making it that little bit harder to unravel. I'm under no illusion that at some point he will demolish it entirely, but for any dog that is a heavy chewer, nothing will be "demolish proof", the difference will be in the time it takes to demolish it and this ball, seems to be a tougher option than others I have seen around and at a fair price too.

Lynn Shrieves
March 2013

Thought that this would be great for my 1 year old puppy. The giant one I bought was actually bigger than his head. Sadly it wasn't up to the standard I read. He took less than 3 hours to totally dismember it. As he played bits flew off everywhere. I'm very disappointed. The cheap ones from the 99p store lasted just as well.

Fran Hill
September 2012

Probably a great toy for ball-mad dogs who are also heavy chewers. A so-so toy for others. My Whippet puppy did chew the rope raggy, but he didn't seem bothered about chewing this.

Jessica Philpott
April 2012

My dog had fun with this and it lasted well. Great for chewing.