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KONG Wobbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser - From £13.39
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KONG Wobbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser

KONG Wobbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser big image
KONG Wobbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser thumbnail KONG Wobbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser thumbnail KONG Wobbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser thumbnail

Manufacturer: The KONG Company

From: £13.39
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The KONG Wobbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser provides a new way to entertain and challenge your dog.

The Wobbler dispenses food and treats with an entertaining wobble action!

The dispenser sits upright until pushed with a paw or nose, and then wobbles whilst dispensing treats.

Twists open for easy refill.

Size Guide:
Small: Suitable for dogs less than 25 lb
Large: Suitable for dogs over 25 lb

Reviews (14)

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Cw Huang
April 2014

I bought the small size Kong Wobbler for my baby yorkie and when I first received the Kong I was doubting she will like it or able to use it coz the weight. Surprisingly, she master the Kong quickly. Well, it took her approx 30mins to finish one meal where normally less than 2 mins if in the bowl!! I wish it would have the function to make it harder to get by adjusting the size of the hole smaller. I use tape around the hole to make food harder to get, which works just fine.

Debi Wakefield
February 2014

I am very disappointed with this kong wobbler, I thought it would be ideal for my 7mth old staffie, it lasted 2 days of which she actually had the toy for for about 3 hours in total, now it wont screw back together as she managed to chew thru the plastic where it screws on!

Rhianna Lynch
December 2013

This is a strong toy which I highly doubt will need replacing. It's a great idea for challenging and feeding your dog at the same time, but the large one is too heavy for a medium sized dog (and the small one can't fit a medium sized dog's breakfast in), and the toy doesn't come with any instructions (for inexperienced dogs). If you are only giving a dog a treat rather than a meal, I recommend the Kong 'Stuff a Ball' instead, which is lighter. My tip is to let them get used to eating from the cone of the toy before screwing on the ice-cream.

Fiona Found
November 2013

I bought the large one for our young collie cross and she just loves being able to smack it hard and get treats from it. Definitely a success with her! And rugged and easy to fill and clean for me. What more could I ask!

Naomi Youngberg
August 2013

My border collie loves his kong wobbler. It never fails to keep him entertained, for longer than most of his toys.

Louisa Shackleton
May 2013

I wanted something which would keep my dog occupied and make her work for her food; this is perfect. It opens easily for filling and cleaning and easily holds a whole meal. The erratic roll keeps my dog on her toes and it's very robust. The small size is quite large compared to my small dog (a Bichon Frise) but she manages fine.