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Buster Dog Maze (Grey)

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Manufacturer: Kruuse



Buster Dog Maze is a fantastic way to add something different to your dog's mealtime or as a fun game for feeding treats.

The Dog Maze increase the length of mealtimes as your dog must use its intelligence to work out the food from the curvy maze before they can eat it. The touch and smell of the food will excite and entice them to do so until they have completed it, meaning they could spend hours working for their food.

Alternatively, this fun maze can be used as a similar game for feeding treats when your dog gets bored.

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Fiona Found

I bought this toy as a challenge for our young collie cross. She was able to get her tongue round whatever I put in it without having to push it around the maze. Rather defeated the object of the exercise and didn't challenge her at all. It is strong and easy to clean though and bigger than I had imagined.

Claire L Young

Made to slow down dogs eating time and it works. My dogs take 10 mins extra to eat there food and gives them a challenge. Would highly recommend to dog owners to fast eaters.