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Buster Cube Large for Medium and Large Dogs

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Manufacturer: Kruuse

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Buster Cube Large is suitable for dogs weighing more than 10Kg.

Recommended by animal behaviourists, this exciting toy can be filled with food or treats to help stimulate your dog both mentally and physically by encouraging natural hunting instincts.

The Buster Cube is exceptionally useful to help keep post operative dogs active and keep any dog entertained for hours.

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Nils Coram

I bought another treat dispenser at the same as this cube that my dog wont put down and he hasn't given this buster cube a look in yet which is typical considering the Twist N Treat was less than half the price of this cube and the Twist N Treat is by far the better dispenser, I will give this credit for the strong material it is not going to be chewed up at all and will last forever it seems. But for the price it is very basic and the treats only come out one hole, so my pup cant smell or see the treats and offers no incentive. I have the large cube which is massive but only able to get pea sized treats in it comfortably. But maybe he will warm to it if I take away his Twist N Treat, who knows!

Sarah Morris

I have surveyed my fellow dog behaviourists to try to find the dog toy or treat dispenser which is the most hard wearing. This is the item that many have found is the most indestructable dog toy you can find. Many dog owners say that even the 'extreme' type of hard rubber toy can be damaged by determined chewers. This one cannot. Virtually indestructable!