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Protexin ProKolin Advanced for Cats 15ml

Protexin ProKolin Advanced for Cats 15ml big image
Protexin ProKolin Advanced for Cats 15ml thumbnail Protexin ProKolin Advanced for Cats 15ml thumbnail

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Manufacturer: Protexin Veterinary



Pro-Kolin Advanced is an enriched supplement to support the gastrointestinal health of your cat.

Containing beneficial micro-organisms and several prebiotic sources, the highly palatable paste offers an optimal level of a dual-source binding agent and soothing fibres to support gastro intestinal functions.

Directions for Use:

Weight Volume Frequency
<5kg 2ml Twice Daily
5 - 15kg 3ml Twice Daily

Soya oil, Psyllium husk, Pectin, Preplex® prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide), Beta-glucans, Dextrose

Gut Flora Stabilisers, Protexin Probiotic: Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/ NCIMB 10415) 4b1707 2 x 1011 CFU/kg; 2 x 108 CFU/g
Technological Additives:
Bentonite Montmorillonite, Preplex® Prebiotic - Acacia (Gum Arabic), Kaolin
Sensory Additives:
Artificial Chicken Flavouring
Nutritional Additives:


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