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Protexin Bio-Premium for Cats and Dogs - From £11.99

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Protexin Bio-Premium for Cats and Dogs

Protexin Bio-Premium for Cats and Dogs big image

Manufacturer: Protexin Veterinary

From: £11.99
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Protexin BioPremium for Cats and Dogs acts to re-establish a healthy gut microflora and aid digestion with the inclusion of Beta gluconase and xylanase.

The beneficial prebiotic micro organisms occur naturally in the gut of healthy animals and help exclude pathogenic bacteria.

Protexin Bio Premium has been formulated to be administered on a continuous basis to promote efficient digestion and boost natural immunity.

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Mrs Su Summers
July 2016

I have a 8 year old black lab who has had poo problems all his life. Despite endeavours by the vet at various times he has continued to have bouts of quite bad diarrhoea. When the last occurred after another round of antibiotics, I decided to try this. After only a few days, the diarrhoea was over, and for the first time in his life is only doing two poos a day. Thank goodness! Everyday use from now on.

Jane Shepherd
January 2014

I have 3 German shepherds and the youngest since being a pup has always had diarrhea on and off, my vet told me that she gets a build up of bad bacteria in her gut and he gave her some probiotic powder for a few months and also changed her food to Chappie which did the job and she was fine for a while. Last year she started with it again so instead of going back to vet, which charges me a fortune for the probiotic powders, I thought I would give the Protexin Bio Companion for dogs to try, she's been on it for about 4 months now and it's worked brilliantly, she's had no diarrhea since she's been on this.

Fran Hill
September 2012

It didn't help with my Whippet's digestive upsets. It worked no better than live, natural yogurt (which is certainly cheaper). I was dismayed to find that it contained soya - not an ingredient I would feed to my dogs.

Julia Burnside
October 2008

I have used this product in conjunction with ProKolin to good effect in managing my elderly dog's digestion! And I am now using it for my new rescue dog. Highly palatable, easy to use, I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

Deborah Mitchell
September 2008

MY dog is an english mastiff who unfortunately suffered from a gastric taution back in march this year he has since recovered but had episodes of chronic diorhoer. The vet gave me protexin medication in a paste form that cleared this up straight away , so i researched the range and have started using bio premium a 5 ml spoonfull per day in his food just has chappie. Touch wood he now has regular stools that are of the same consistancy. He has been given this for 3 weeks so far and i am very impressed. He only last week managed to get his teeth on some disguarded chilli of all things! he did have one episode of upset tummy but that was expected!you could see that he had tummy ache and i believe that this product helped ease his discomfort quicker. so all in all this product has the thumbs up!!