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Avipro Plus for Dogs - From £7.01
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Avipro Plus for Dogs

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Manufacturer: VetArk

From: £7.01
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100g Pot

Was: £8.76Save: 20%Now: £7.01

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Avipro Plus for Dogs is a probiotic combination of bacteria, enzymes, electrolytes and vitamins that can be particularly valuable when animals are undergoing stress or veterinary treatment.

The live encapsulated bacteria colonise the animals gut for a short time and help in encouraging the right conditions to allow the animals natural gut flora to re-establish itself.

Avipro is a veterinary formulated soluble FOS prebiotic enhanced with vitamins A, C & E and electrolytes.

Directions for Use:
In Drinking Water:
1 scoop per 200ml drinking water
In/On Food: Use 1 generous pinch per kg of animal, or a third of a flat teaspoon per 10kg of animal

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Jamie Post
August 2013

I have used Avipro for a snake that refused to feed for almost a year. After the mating season I couldn't get him to start feeding again and someone told me about Avipro. Decided to use it, and offered him food after using it in his water for 3 days. He struck at the prey and has eaten ever since! I strongly recommend it in use for reptiles!

Julie Mills
June 2013

Avipro Plus has really helped my cat of about 11 years of age who has the beginnings of kidney failure. His appetite is good and overall I can see a distinct improvement since he has been having 1/2 a scoop each day. No problems with smell either as he seems to not even notice that Avipro Plus has been added to his food - Royal Canin Renal Pouches. It makes good sense really as ingredients include probiotic plus soluble fibre prebiotic enhanced with Vitamins A, C & E with electrolytes.

Nicola Ashton
November 2012

This product is not just for reptiles and birds - I sprinkle it on my cats food everyday as one of them has a very sensitive stomach and this sorts it out. It's also suitable for dogs.. also rodents! I find Avipro Plus much better value than other similar products such as Entrodex and the 300g tub lasts a long time so it's good value!!