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Lintbells YuRELIEVE ADVANCE for Cats (30 Capsules)

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Manufacturer: Lintbells


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Lintbells YuRELIEVE ADVANCE for Cats helps supply the building blocks of the bladder lining and support urinary health in cats.

Supplying and combining the 4 glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) present in the urothelium, YuRELIEVE also contains L-tryptophan and essential fatty acids to provide cats with comprehensive urinary health support. It also contains N-acetyl D-glucosamine which supports the protective glycosaminoglycan layer.

YuRELIEVE also contains Green Lipped Mussel which provides a unique combination of Omega 3 essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA and ETA) to aid the natural anti-inflammatory action of the cat’s metabolism.

Directions of Use:
Simply split the capsule and sprinkle the tasty supplement over the cat’s food.

Daily Recommendation:

  First 2 Weeks Maintenance
Cats <3kg 1 Capsule daily 1 Capsule every other day
Cats >3kg 2 Capsules daily 1 Capsule daily

Each Yurelieve Capsule Contains:
125mg N-acetyl D-glucosamine, 50mg Green Lipped Mussel, 37.5mg L-tryptophan, 2.5mg Hyaluronic Acid

Pack Size:
30 Sprinkle Capsules

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Judi Dove

Cheaper than from vets for ongoing stress related cystitis in my cat & no prescription required for these .Must be tasty as my cat has no issues when sprinkled on food .Easy site to use & fast delivery too I will be buying more in bulk.

Angela Johgnson

I have a ragdoll cat and he had a leg amputated last year, since then we have had nothing but bladder issues with him and a trip to the vets at least every six weeks. Numerous doses of antibiotics really did not help, in desperation I went on line and found Yurelieve. WOW 5 days of treatment with Yurelieve and my cat is back to his old self, playing and not sitting half his life in the litter tray. We are now sure that his problem is cystitis as no evidence of infection has ever been found. I would stress that you should get your cat checked with a vet first to make sure there is no underlying problem before trying this product. I have purchased two more boxes as a standby and would recommend this treatment to anyone with a cat who has a long standing UTI problem. Thank you VetUK I no longer have to worry that I cannot do anything for my cat when he has this problem.