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VetUK Pancreatic Supplement (60 Enteric Tablets)

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Manufacturer: VetUK

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£22.49 (each)
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VetUK Pancreatic Supplement is a complementary pet food for dogs to help with digestion.

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency is the inability to properly digest food, therefore insufficiently absorbing vital nutrients due to a lack of enzymes being produced by the pancreas. Pancreatic enzymes are used by the body to break down food in the small intestine helping animals to avoid losing weight and becoming malnourished.

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), whilst a relatively uncommon illness in dogs it is a potentially life-threatening disease. If the disease is well managed through enzyme supplementation, dogs suffering with the condition can live comfortably with no reduction to their quality of life.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains 3 Digestive Enzymes: Amylase (21,205 U/g), Lipase (88,000 U/g), Protease (1,600 U/g)
  • Enteric Coating: Protects the tablet from acid digestion in the stomach , ensuring the enzymes arrive at the small intestine before being released.
  • Easy Administration: Feed with each meal to ensure food is consumed with necessary enzymes to aid digestion.

Each Capsule Contains:
Protease 1600 U/g, Lipase 88000 U/g, Amylase 21205 U/g

Feeding Instructions:
< 10kg: 1/2 tablet per meal
> 10kg: 1 tablet per meal

Analysis per 100g:
Carbohydrate 57.9g, Protein 35.6g, Ash 2.9g, Moisture 2.4g, Fat 1.2g

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All Reviews Write Review

Karen Brown

We have found these very effect in controlling our dogs cushings and so far her levels have been very good. They cost less half the price of the branded tablets

Andrea Keeley

Have been using this for years and found it as good as the Panzym powder but the price increase means I will be looking for an alternative

Agnieszka Kasperczyk

I've been using this product for over a year and it works like a charm. My dog regained the lost weight and is now in a great shape. I was shocked to discover it nearly doubled in price since my last order - very disappointing. Like the previous reviewers said, as much as I was happy with this product, I'll be looking for cheaper alternative.

Zoe Woodcock

I have been using this supplement for 2 years plus, however since my last order this has doubled in price. I have always found this a very good supplement, but will be looking elsewhere due to the price rise. Disappointing VetUK. Product does get a review of 5 being for the use and quality

Alexandra Sutton

I have been using this VetUK supplement since it came out and found it as good as and more convenient that Panzym. However as it has now nearly doubled in price I will now go back to Panzym.

Jodie Painter

My boxer dog used to smell really bad with the powder but I was afraid to change as it worked. I used this a few months back and I'm so impressed my dog smells great an the tablet does its job. Happy wallet and happy dog.x