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Panzym Concentrated Pancreatic Enzyme Powder - From £34.78
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Panzym Concentrated Pancreatic Enzyme Powder

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Manufacturer: nextmune

From: £34.78
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Panzym Concentrated Pancreatic Enzyme Powder is a pancreatic supplement for cats and dogs.

As this product is in powder form, mix the enzyme combination with food, moistening dry food slightly, so that the powder adheres to the food.

Feeding Programme:

Cat/Dog ≤ 10kg 1/3 - 1/2 teaspoon/meal
Dog > 10kg 1/2 - 1 teaspoon/meal

Pancreas Powder (Pork), Brewer's Yeast, Vegetables, Calcified Seaweed, Oils and Fats, Curcuma

Technological Additive:
Kieselgur (Diatomaceous Earth, purified) E551c 4,400mg/kg

Calculated Analysis:
Crude Protein 50.7%, Crude Oils and Fats 4.5%, Crude Fibre 1.9%, Crude Ash 8.5%

Reviews (14)

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Anne Kirby
August 2023

If you read the label and the manufacturers information, it does not say anywhere that this product contains enzymes. Other products proudly display the quantity of each type of enzyme that they contain this does not. However I do find that fed alongside an enzyme containing product, this does make a difference to my Bichon. She has had this on her feed for a few years now and I find that she struggles without it, but she does need another product as well as this to suplement her pancreatic enzymes.

Nick Pudsey
January 2020

This product is not as good as the other enzyme product I had been buying for a few year now. Without being too graphic, you could clearly see the difference the previous product made to my dog. This product I find he is again loosing weight and condition as his food is going straight through him. This product is 75% more expensive that the previous product. I have come to reorder only to find it has gone up by another £3 since my last order. From my findings, I think it is very expensive but at present, I do not have an option

Valerie Chipchase
November 2015

Our German Shepherd Bailey - started with EPI aged 2 - he was originally started on a pill but we found that Panzym worked better - he is fed James Wellbeloved and mixed with a some tinned Butchers tripe mix - he is now eight years old and doing really well.

Peter Barnes
November 2012

My German Shepherd developed EPI at 3 years old, having tried alternative products which were expensive and not that effective we tried Panzym with amazing results.She only needs 1/2 teaspoon per meal and for a 34Kg dog this means the 600g pot lasts over 4 months. we orginally started on a higher dose but once you have your dog stabilised you should reduce the dose to find the minimum dose they need, otherwise you will be wasting money and this product is not cheap. Make sure your dog is on a low fat diet and do not feed treats as this upsets them, we feed chappie complete moistened with water and mixed with a small amount of chappie tinned food, this makes it more interesting and tasty for them once you have mixed in the product. Hope this information helps someone.

Sharon Hodgins
September 2012

Absolutely brilliant and cost effective solution for dealing with EPI in a German Shepherd. I used to have my dog on an alternative brand and he was still a bit up and down with his illness. I found this product on VetUK and decided to give it a try. He has been on it nearly a year now and no problems since or returns to the vet. He has put weight on and is now looking better than ever. Have also found I use less than the other brand and it is cheaper.

Maria Ostergren
June 2012

Maybe I should have emailed to ask what the specific ingredients were, maybe VetUK should start having detailed ingredients on all the products they sell as standard information provided on the website. This product contains yeast. I guess it's there to make it more palatable to sprinkle on the food (clearly designed with dogs in mind rather than cats). However, yeast? In a product that is there to combat digestive problems? Unfortunately, it made my cat's issue worse. I'll never know if the enzymes will help, but I am quite convinced the yeast increased her diarrhoea issues. Money wasted, I'm afraid.