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Pancreatic Enzyme for Cats and Dogs 250g (Pancrex)

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Manufacturer: Zoetis


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Pancreatic Enzyme for cat and dog (formerly Pancrex Vet Powder) is an essential treatment for exocrine pancreatic enzyme insufficiency (EPI) and associated diarrhoea, intestinal maldigestion and malabsorbtion in dogs and cats.

This supplement contains the pancreatic enzymes normally secreted into the intestines. Use as a food supplement to help combat disease and return your dog or cat's digestion back to normal.

Dosage Guidelines:
Give half a 5ml teaspoon with each 100 g of food (increasing as necessary). A 250g tub provides approximately 240 half teaspoon (2.5ml) doses.
Additional therapy or a special diet may be required. Consult a Veterinary Surgeon for advice.

Each Gram Contains:
Protease 1400 U/g, Lipase 30000 U/g, Amylase 30000 U/g

Contra-Indications and Warnings:
Wash any powder off hands after use. Store below 25oC in a dry place. Store in the original container tightly closed. For animal treatment only. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Ellie Wenman
April 2020

This product works wonders for my dog, she was in the brink of death last year and this helped her and I’m sure saved her life after being diagnosed with EPI. I can now NEVER purchase this off of this website, it is always out of stock and I don’t have the money to pay for more expensive alternatives, I don’t know what else to do as my dog is going downhill and I can never seem to get hold of this product anymore! VetUK: please purchase our pancreatic supplement in capsule form as contains the same enzymes at a lower cost - and is in stock.

Tina Boughey
June 2019

These is brilliant for my dogs pancreatitis and if taken every day it does help a lot. I have tried lots of other types but this outweighs them all and is more effective.

Natalie Lee
November 2018

Our dog suffers from EPI, she wouldn’t e able to survive without this product

Lorraine Slade
March 2017

If your dog suffers from EPI then this is perfect fro treating it, my GSD was on Panzym powder for years , then I came across this powder which is ,I would say , better than the more expensive Panzym. I would highly recommend this product.

Karen Tait
January 2017

Excellent product easy to use. Stopped my GSD weight loss within a week . Would recommend this product 5 stars

Shirley Milton
January 2010

My 7year old GSD was diagnose with IBS about one year ago and was buying Pancrex powder from them at a high price, but a friend told me about Vet UK, and very pleased with this site, I ordered two first time then when i start on 2nd reordered another so i don't run out.