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Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets for Dogs - From £4.00

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Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Bob Martin

From: £4.00
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Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets are used for Health and Vitality.

They are ideal as a Healthy Treat and complements all dogs diets.

These tasty yeast tablets contain vitamins and minerals important to your dog's health and fitness and complement all diets.

These original Vetzyme conditioning tablets provide a natural source of B-complex vitamins that help to guard against nervousness, poor coat and skin trouble and help maintain good health and vitality.

Vetzyme will help maintain a shiny, healthy coat and skin.

Suitable for puppies and dogs, especially in times of need like illness, stress and pregnancy.

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Tracey Witts
June 2021

Been looking for these tablets for years thank you vetuk these are for my pregnant chihuahua

William Junor
February 2017

Exelent value for money, my dog is a 13 years old and in tip top condition.

Phillip Nicholl
April 2013

My Standard Poodle can't get enough of these, he eats them straight out of my hand, no need to crush them up. They have a Savoury Taste to them it says on the container, well it must be something really tasty in them for him to go this crazy for them...

Annabelle Shemming
March 2013

These made my dogs coat very soft and stop moulting as much. They were easy to hide in food because they did not smell.

Sarah Hubbard
February 2011

I started to give these tablets to my Jack Russell about 2 months ago, because she use to moult excessively. That was the main reason, but i now seem to have a new dog. She is more alert, more energetic, her coat is so shiny, she now will clear her food bowl everyday. When I take her out for her walks, she is towing me up the road. I would never have thought that a vitamin supplement could change a dog so much, but all for the better. All I can say is these tablets are amazing. Many thanks.