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Dog Rocks Natural Rock Lawn Care - From £7.98
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Dog Rocks Natural Rock Lawn Care

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Manufacturer: Dog Rocks

From: £7.98
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Dog Rocks Natural Rock Lawn Care is an exciting, completely natural product mined in Australia to help prevent burn patches appearing on your lawn.

By simply placing the Dog Rocks into your pet’s normal drinking water, they will work to remove the nitrates in the water, without affecting the pH balance of your pet’s urine and with no known side effects.

The lower levels of nitrates in your dog’s urine will not only prevent your lawn from burning, but will instead be good for the grass and help it to be greener in the long run.

Smaller Dogs Under 7kg
The 100g has been designed specifically for smaller dogs and contains smaller Dog Rocks. If you’re dog is under 7kg please choose this option.

Please Note: As Dog Rocks are a natural product, sizes of individual rocks may vary.

Reviews (9)

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Susanne Sharpington
August 2023

This is my 4th purchase of Dog Rocks which speaks for itself. Friends who have commented on ‘no brown patches!’ on our lawn are now using them and are equally impressed. Great product!

Derek Dannatt
November 2012

my lawn was covered in brown patches, after two years of using dog rocks , the brown patches have disappeared with beautiful green grass in its place. if you take your dogs on holiday, the rocks go with you, if the dogs go in kennels, the rocks go with them. the trick is not to let them drink any other water. they really do work. Derek Dannatt.

John Stevens
April 2012

I started using this product more than two years ago. I recommended it to friends who were also pleased with the result. All the packets contained several pieces until the last two packs. They contained one large rock each and my lawn is now covered in large brown patches from my rottweiler bitch. The reduced surface area obviously reduces the effect of the product. This may explain the one star from the two customers who found it useless.

Nicola Phelps
June 2011

These dog rocks are definitely working on my 12yr old spaniel - I used to find bare patches of grass everywhere and within 2 months this has greatly improved. I am now on my second pack so fingers crossed they'll carry on working - so far so good!

Jean Vieth
June 2011

Definitely works, I have 2 bitches, both large dogs, they share the same water bowl & I noticed an improvement after 3 weeks, now 2 months down the line I have a lush green lawn with no burnt patches, just on my second packet of Dog Rocks

Janet Pendlebury
April 2011

I have to say that this product works. Beautiful green lawn,no more brown patches, so I don't know what you are doing you folks who say it doesn't work. Could your animals be taking water elsewhere. I buy 2 lots for my dogs as they are at my parents a lot. There's no point just having them at home if they drink a lot of water somewhere else. Just a thought..........