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Dorwest Fragaria 3C Pillules

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Manufacturer: Dorwest Herbs



Dorwest Fragaria 3C is used to soften, help prevent and slow down the formation of tartar on the teeth. 

Each dispenser contains approximately 100 pillules.

Dorwest Herbs Fragaria 3C administration is always the same for any size or breed of animal but the frequency of administration varies according to the condition being treated: 1 daily for one month or until tartar has reduced then as a preventative 1 a week.

It is preferable, but not essential, to avoid giving homeopathic remedies within 15 minutes of food or drink.

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Diane Manning

These tiny pills are definately worth a try if like myself you struggle to brush your dogs teeth. I have used them on and off for a few years now with my little dog and they truly do make a difference. After around three weeks of use his teeth started to look cleaner. If you combine giving these with offering chews that have a rough texture, such as fish4dogs treats,the chews/treats will help brush the teeth clean as the tartar softens.