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Katalax Paste for Cats 20g - From £17.46
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Katalax Paste for Cats 20g

Katalax Paste for Cats 20g big image

Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health



Katalax Paste for Cats is a palatable formula to aid in the elimination and prevention of hairballs.

Made with a tasty and easily accepted combination of white soft paraffin, cod liver oil and malt extract, Katalax will help the passage of furballs and reduce the likelihood of any future and potentially dangerous blockages.

For adult cats squeeze 1 inch of Katalax paste from the tube and administer once or twice daily.
For kittens administer half an inch of paste once daily.

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Elizabeth Tredgett
May 2012

I have two persian cats and use this regulalry when they are moulting. It really helps reduce sickness and hairballs when things are bad. They love the taste so much I actually use it as a treat for them!

J. Healey
April 2012

Katalax paste is very effective and very palatable for all my cats. Even the fussiest will have a chomp on this. I use between half-an-inch to an inch per dose for each cat when I notice coughing and regurgitation containing fur-balls. Always check with a vet in the case of unexpected sickness in your cats, but as long as you know the signs of fur-ball congestion, definitely try Katalax. I see improvement with coughing and regurgitation within two days worth of treatment and Katalax doesn't give my cats diarrhoea as other cheaper laxatives have been known to. It's a more gentle, but effective solution.

Joan Breeze
May 2010

Unfortunately our cat has reached the stage were she needs Katalax constantly. Our vet was wanted to charge us around 23 pounds, which is a lot when buying it every couple of weeks. Thankfully finding it here for a reasonable price is fantastic.

Andrea Ward-eversley
July 2009

Pity I wasn't aware of VetUK before purchasing the Katalax 20g from the Ark veterinary Surgery in Stratford upon Avon. Yesterday, I paid £20.05p for one tube. I won't be going there again.

Ingrid Venables
February 2008

Our old cat has occasional problems with Hairball if he slips under the comb and hides. This product is again wonderful. We had a tube in 2006 from the 'Vet' and recently used the last, so it's not often we use it. However, our vet charges £11.98 a tube so he has lost another sale. Thank you Vet UK value for money caring with us for our pets.