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VetIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets - From £5.63
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VetIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets

VetIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets big image

Manufacturer: Mark and Chappell



VetIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets have been specially formulated with a unique blend of Pectin and Pumpkin which help to increase stool firmness in both dogs and puppies over the age of 8 weeks.

In addition, VetIQ Stool Firm also contains Kaolin for toxin absorbtion and prebiotic fibre to promote a healthy intestinal tract, Inulin to promote the presence of beneficial gut bacteria and Calcium Carbonate which helps to form a barrier along the gut, assisting the natural balance of the digestive tract.

If a dog is experiencing loose stools they may exhibit one or more of the following:

ü Excessive Flatulence ü Loose or Watery Stools
ü Reluctance to Eat ü Dull Coat
ü Lethargy & Fatigue ü Poor Overall Health

Directions for Use:
VetIQ Stool Firm is a tasty highly digestible tablet, which can be given whole or crushed over food. Not recommended for puppies less than 8 weeks old. For puppies less than 6 months, use half the recommended amount based on their weight. Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Animal TypeWeight RangeRecommended AmountsPack Duration (days)*
Dogs Up to 5kg 1 tablet daily 45
Dogs 5-10kg 2 tablets daily 22
Dogs 10-15kg 3 tablets daily 15
Dogs 15-30kg 4 daily 11
Dogs More than 30kg 3 tablets twice daily 7
*pack duration applies to one pet only

Each box contains 45 tablets

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Claudia Hasse
August 2021

This is an excellent product to use in dogs with benign mechanical diarrhoea but only then and if there are no other signs of a clinical problem. Otherwise, I always consult a Veterinarian.

Claron Riviere
August 2017

My dog responds well to this product especially if I give it to him from the flatulence stage of having loose stools. He also loves the taste

Jenny Callaghan
December 2013

Didn't really help my dog when the food she'd been on for years suddenly started giving her diarrhoea. Thought these tablets might help while I was sorting out her new diet. But changing her food was the only permanent solution. These might help in other cases, depending on the cause of the problem.

Jane Dennis
April 2012

Have bought these before and now ordered more. Find them working very well and mostly it's enough even with only 1 tablett. Have 12 dogs who enjoys having 'snacks' when being in the woods, so I have tried out the product quite well.

Duncan Grainger
February 2011

Bought these to help my male black Labrador who since I've had him has suffered very loose stools problem. To be honest I didn't think they were very effective.