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Laxapet 50g Tube Cat Dog Laxative

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Manufacturer: Kat and Hond



Laxapet Tube Cat Dog Laxative is a highly palatable gel which as well as being a hairball and constipation remedy, also contains supplemental vitamins, fish oil and lecithin.

Suitable for both cats and dogs.

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Lesley Hussein

I use this on my cats when they have furball problems. It does seem to be reasonably effective. Furthermore, the cats get very excited when they see the orange tube and come rushing over for their 'dose', which they lick off my finger! so easily administered!

Frank Addis

This stuff really works for my large cat with an ongoing hairball/constipation problem.I just smear a pea sized blob onto a front paw and the cat licks it off, I suspect that the cat really likes it but would never admit it !