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Ancol Ergo Large Dog Nail Scissor Clippers - From £7.36
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Ancol Ergo Large Dog Nail Scissor Clippers

Ancol Ergo Large Dog Nail Scissor Clippers big image

Manufacturer: Ancol



Ancol Ergo Large Dog Nail Scissor Clippers are scissor action trimmers for your dogs nails.

Fitted with a comfortable, anti-slip handle and a cutting guard to ensure that you do not cut too much nail, the Ergo Large Clippers are safe, accurate and easy to use.

Full advice on cutting and grooming your dogs nails is on the reverse of the products packaging.

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Jocelyn Peacock
July 2015

These are great for the dogs. I like the safety catch and the ability to adjust the size of the clipping area. The blade is sharp enough for my big dogs (well, big babies they are only 7 months but rather large!) Sadly the dogs think the clippers are some kind of torture device but thankfully only the rescue needs it as she wasn't walked enough until we took custody of her around 5 months old. I manage one claw at a time and the vet does a few every time we visit! Softly softly catchy toeses. Great clippers. Highly recommended. Don't leave them out, though; dogs will attempt to destroy the 'evil' things ;)

Paul Bienkowski
April 2013

I got these today and used them right away. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and his claws have always been pretty tough to clip. I found these with the longer handle easier to use. The guard to stop you cutting too much is also good. These were a great buy and were half the price of the ones you can find in pet shop chains that had stubbier handles. I am well impressed as they have saved me the cost of getting his claws clipped at the vets.

Catherine Cameron-mitchell
February 2013

These clippers have a nice sharp blade, making cutting nails quick and easy. The instructions are clear and, as long as you don't have a wriggly dog, or if you have a helping hand, clipping the dog's nails is simple and fast. The 'guard' on the blade is a little awkward and I would be uneasy leaving the clippers in inexperienced hands however, if you know what you're doing it's fine.