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Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spot-On (3 Pipettes) - From £10.00

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Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spot-On (3 Pipettes)

Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spot-On (3 Pipettes) big image

Manufacturer: Beaphar


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Beaphar CatComfort Calming Spot-On is a simple and effective solution containing a copy of the naturally produced Cat Appeasing Pheromone.

The pheromone is instantly recognisable to cats as the pheromone mothers give off to their kittens during nursing, and gives a continuous and reassuring message to help cats feel at ease wherever they might be.

Beaphar CatComfort works within 15mins of application and lasts for approximately 1 week.

Recommended Uses:

Problem Behaviours New Experiences
Excessive Meowing Multi-Cat Households
Aggressive Behaviour Social Situations
Fighting New Family
Avoidance Learning Periods
Hiding Fireworks
General Feelings of Anxiety Thunderstorms

Cat Appeasing Pheromone Analogue 2.5%

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