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VetUK Nylon Rope Dog Slip Lead - From £4.99

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VetUK Nylon Rope Dog Slip Lead

VetUK Nylon Rope Dog Slip Lead big image

Manufacturer: VetUK

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The VetUK Nylon Rope Dog Slip Lead is a classic style of lead that remains a favourite amongst dog owners worldwide.

It has been made out of a durable yet soft nylon material to be comfortable for both you and your pet, and is suitably weather resistant to make it easy to clean if it happens to get wet or soiled.

VetUK Rope Leads can also be rolled up easily to fit into a pocket, and are perfect for when you quickly need to get your dog under control. The easy to use slip lead end will remain loose while they walk nicely within range, but will begin to tighten when they start to pull away from you.

Including Handle: 50” (127cm)
Without Handle: 43” (109cm)

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