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Buster Inflatable Elizabethan Collar (Blue) - From £14.08
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Buster Inflatable Elizabethan Collar (Blue)

Buster Inflatable Elizabethan Collar (Blue) big image

Manufacturer: Kruuse

From: £14.08
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The Buster Inflatable Elizabethan Collar is a great alternative to the cone shaped Elizabethan collars.

Still functioning the same by protecting your pet's wounds from your pet as to allow proper healing; this inflatable Nylon collar has many more advantages. It is much more comfortable for your pet, helping them to relax more and take their mind away from the irritation. Also, it doesn't inhibit your pet's field of vision, again making them more comfortable.

Fully washable and bite resistant, this alternative Inflatable Elizabethan Collar is perfect for your pet.

Size Guide:

Size Dimensions
Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Fits Neck
X-Small 16.0cm 5.0cm 16 - 21cm
Small 22.0cm 7.0cm 20 - 26cm
Medium 25.5cm 11.0cm 28 - 40cm
Large 30.5cm 16.0cm 40 - 52cm
X-Large 36.0cm 18.0cm 48 - 58cm
XX-Large 44.0cm 22.0cm 58 - 72cm

Reviews (5)

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Pam Cummins
August 2020

rate 5 Great Dane had to have 3/4 of tail amputated, tried cone but he managed to chew it off. Bought item in desperation. not really thinking it would work. BUT brilliant he has made no attempt even to get it off and has worn it quite happily for 8 days so far. Must be very comfortable for him. Also I bought wrong size Just a large instead of x or xxlarge. Not wearing my glasses when ordering.. But it still worked.

Deborah Jephcott
September 2017

I have only just needed to use one of these and it is faulty . Looks like it has a slow puncture. Always check them on delivery.

Stephanie Skinner
March 2016

We used this collar for when our nervous cocker spaniel was spayed. It was excellent for her as it did not obscure her vision, and she wore it happily for the 10 days required. It is lightweight and quick drying, and she could sleep comfortably, eat, sniff etc. A huge improvement on the usual 'cone' type collar.

Annemarie Van Est
June 2014

The best. Outside material VERY resistent (use it for our rottweilers and they even tear it and still no schratches). If inside breaks you can stuff the collar with simple lightweight cushion filler. Be aware that this collar does not protect from biting feet or scratching head, but it is the best for tummies, dorsal injury, necks, hips etc.

Naomi Youngberg
January 2014

Our dog has used this collar for a couple of different injuries and it is much kinder than the traditional cone-type collar. It lets him sleep comfortably, doesn't obscure vision and can't be bashed against furniture, doorways etc. it isn't suitable for all types of injury however, so best to supervise first use.