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Thrive 100% Natural Cat Treats

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Manufacturer: PetProject

From: £1.58
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Fish 15g

Was: £2.10Save: 25%Now: £1.58

Chicken 25g

Was: £2.10Save: 25%Now: £1.58

Tuna 25g

Was: £2.56Save: 25%Now: £1.92


Thrive 100% Natural Cat Treats are delicious small treats to give your cat as a healthy everyday snack.

Made with only 100% real meat or fish, these great treats have been freeze dried to preserve all of the minerals, nutrients and great fresh flavours.

Thrive Cat Treats come in a handy, re-sealable tube which keeps them fresher for longer!

Contain no additives!

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Scarlet Musgrave

I got this because it was recommended as an appropriate treat for a diabetic cat on insulin. When I opened it up, I was a bit dubious about whether or not my cat would actually eat it. It's nothing but weightless, odourless pieces of freeze-dried chicken, something akin to astronaut food! I gave my cat a piece and he happily gobbled it up. It doesn't end there, though, because I left the tube of treats on the table, only to have my cat attempting to get into the tube himself. I moved the tube to a cupboard, and he now tries to paw at the cupboard to get to the treats. My cat has appreciated the odd treat here and there, but I've never seen him so desperate to get more! It works out well because he now received his Thrive treat after enduring an insulin injection or blood glucose test.

Vanessa Perez

I bought the tuna flavour for one young cat. She loves them and I love that these treats are natural and healthy. I am pretty sure if my cat could speak she would say these are her favourite ones!

Heather Whiting

My cats only have to see me lift any one of these tubes and they leap on the seat next to me virtually salivating! Charlie can hear the muffled sound of the treats inside from 2 rooms away.

June Booker

I have to give my cat insulin so I give her a few of these treats while I inject. She loves them so much that she can't wait for her injection and treats each day!

Camila Wisniewska

One of my cats LOVES this, but the other two don't care at all. Whenever I offer it to them, they give it a sniff and walk away. It's a shame, as this seems to be one of the best quality treats out there, made with natural ingredients and not all the junk food some of them are filled with.

Madeleine Jones

My cats go mental for these. They are the BEST treats ever!