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Kong Refillables Beaver Catnip Cat Toy

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Manufacturer: The KONG Company



Kong Beaver Catnip Toy is a super soft and cosy toy that features an inner compartment to hold catnip which will send your cat wild.

Simply unfasten the Velcro to unveil the compartment and sprinkle in some North American catnip and fasten the Velcro to keep the catnip securely in place.

North American catnip is a non addicting herb that helps encourage play and is enjoyed by over 70% of cats.

The Kong Beaver Catnip Toy will create hours of fun for your cat and can also be machine washable.

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Fern-lianne Kent
August 2017

Recently brought this just as it was cheap and I liked the idea of being able to put the cat nip in. I can't believe have crazy the cats have gone over it. They absolutely love it. We've had cat nip toys many times before but this has given them hours of fun! Thoroughly entertaining to watch them play for hours and I've stocked on a 4 more, so once they have been destroyed, they'll have another one to replace it. But baring in mind it's been kicked, bitten, pulled, chucked, it's still holding up perfectly!