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Good Girl It's Me Or The Settee Cat Scratching Post

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Manufacturer: Armitage Pet Care



Good Girl It's Me or The Settee Cat Scratching Post is a great source of fun for your cat, as well as keeping their claws trim and in tip top condition.

This product is also a great distraction for cats prone to scratching at furniture!

Designed particularly for smaller cats and kittens, the robust post is well wrapped in natural sisal, maintaining your pet's claws, whilst the base is covered in a lavish, fluffy material to draw your pet's attention.

With a fun ball attached, the Good Girl Scratching Post is sure to entice any cat!

Height - 10" (26cm)
Post Diameter - 2.75" (7cm)
Base Diameter - 9.5" (24cm)

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Elizabeth Jacobs

In less than five minutes my 8 week old kitten bit through the cord holding the blue ball. The next day the top came away and exposed two very sharp ends of a long staple that was holding the string in place. I had to take it out as my kitten caught his leg on it but when I removed the staple the string unravelled. In my opinion this scratching post wasn't very well made and could have caused a nasty injury.