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Hills Science Plan Mature 7+ Sterilised Adult Cat Food (Chicken)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Science Plan Mature 7+ Sterilised Adult Cat Food (Chicken) is suitable for neutered cats 7+ years old.

Cats are often neutered / sterilised to avoid pregnancy and unwanted behaviour. Unfortunately sterilising / neutering dramatically increases the risk of becoming overweight and developing bladder problems such as bladder stones.

Your cat may become overweight due to the reduction of sexual hormones which slows down the metabolism, energy use reduces on average by 30% and your cat's appetite rises by up to 25%.

Urine problems are more likely due to the minerals in high concentration in the urine can collect and result in stone development. The concentrated urine may lead to a disadvantageous urine pH and neutered cats tend to drink less often, resulting in more concentrated urine.

Older cats have different dietary requirements from young cats, especially due to their weakening kidney functions. Hills Feline Mature Adult Sterilised Cat Food has been specially formulated to accommodate all the nutritional needs of the older sterilised cat.

It contains low fat contents to enable adjusted feeding amounts, controlled calorie intake for optimal energy provision and L-carnitine and L-lysine which has been clinically proven to prevent fat storage and maintain slender muscle mass.

An adjusted mineral content avoid stone development and support healthy kidney functions.

Antioxidants within the formulated food such as vitamins E and C maintain a strong immune system and neutralise free radicals.

Maize, rice, poultry meal (at least 30% chicken), maize starch, protein hydrolysate, animal fats, fish oil, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, vegetable oil, sodium chloride, vitamins and trace elements.

Flavour: Chicken.


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