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Feliway Friends Refill 48ml - From £22.00
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Feliway Friends Refill 48ml

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Manufacturer: Ceva



The Feliway Friends Refill is for use with the Feliway Friends Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit to help reduce or prevent conflicts and tensions between household cats.

Feliway Friends is a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP) which is produced naturally by the mother after giving birth. It helps to create a bond between her and her kittens, and create a harmonious environment where they can feel safe.

The synthetic version has much the same effect when used in the home and has been shown to reduce signs of conflict and aggression between housemate cats.

Signs of conflict and aggression include:

  • Fighting
  • Growling, Spitting
  • Stalking / Staring at each other
  • Blocking each other

There can also be less visible signs of conflict such as:

  • Fleeing from housemate cats
  • Avoiding other housemate cats
  • One cat remaining hidden

Each refill will last approximately 4 weeks (30 days)

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Carrie Holden
September 2017

I've tried the original Feliway in the spray and defuser form and also the Feliway friends, I didn't find any of them worked for my cats, they didn't make a difference at all.

Martyn Brice
February 2017

We have a kitten that is getting aggressive towards our 13 year old cat, who is a little frail. Our kitten has now calmed down a bit and there are less fights

Elizabeth Dicker
September 2016

This has calmed my two teenage sibling cats down. Much less aggression than previously. Would reccommend.

Jenny Mead
September 2016

Having bought the starter kit, to see if the statements made by Feliway lived up to the reality - I can recommend this product if you have kittens that seem to be always fighting. No longer!! I am now on my refill, and will be continuring use of this great product.

Carole Ashworth
August 2016

This definitely seems to do the job it's meant to do and has a calming effect on my 2 cats.