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Feliway Classic Natural Spray 60ml Bottle

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Manufacturer: Ceva



Feliway Classic Natural Spray is suitable for use in the home to combat furniture scratching, urine marking, spraying and problems associated with transportation.

Feliway Classic Natural Spray combined with the Feliway Classic Diffuser is highly effective in preventing urine marking and spraying.

Feliway is the first natural solution to stress related problems in cats caused by changes in their environment.

Bottle Size: 60ml


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Jean Collins

It works! I have a very stress out cat susceptible to cystitis, this gets her back to health with a few sprays and less stress.

Sonja Bailey

This is really good. I spray it around the room at my bedtime, it helps the cats relax to sleep rather than chasing each other around and keeping me awake. Good for all of us.

Senja Helle

This Feliway spray product is my all time favourite. I always carry a Feliway spray bottle when travelling with my cats. I used it in car, in show cages, in hotel rooms - you name it. Feliway is perfect if you have stress / change in you cat family, urine marking, scratching furnitures or while moving. Feliway is a product every cat owner should have!

Jen Kenny

One of my cats became highly stressed last year due to changes in the neighbourhood. He developed cystitis, he overgroomed and excessively scratched at himself resulting in skin infections. He also started spraying in the house. We had many trips to the vets to treat the symptoms but I had to do something to prevent this from recurring as he is highly strung anyway. My vet recommended this Feliway spray but I didn't buy it from them as it was so expensive. Having used VetUK many times I knew I'd find it here at a much better price. My cat is now healthy, has ceased his stressed behaviour and is much calmer. Many thanks!

Jane Jones-thomas

I purchased this Feliway spray for a few reasons- we had a new sofa and it was to try and stop all 6 cats going for it. I think it has helped a bit. Another reason is one cat is nervous and it's to help him which it definitely has. The diabetic cat goes to the vet every month and we spray the cat carrier with Feliway to try and calm her. So all in all a very useful product. Would buy again.