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Drinkwell Water Fountain for Cats Small Dogs - From £40.27
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Drinkwell Water Fountain for Cats Small Dogs

Drinkwell Water Fountain for Cats Small Dogs big image

Manufacturer: Drinkwell



Drinkwell Water Fountain for Cats & Small Dogs, ideal for single smaller dogs & cats upto 4Kg (10 lbs) in weight. Drinkwell is the only (patented protected) water fountain to have free falling water.

Improves your pet's health by offering filtered running water. The filter removes bad tastes and odours, the falling motion of the water increases the amount of oxygen retained in the water increasing quality and freshness.

Many cats do not drink as much water as they should, especially if they are on dry food only. Providing moving filtered water encourages them to drink more as the water is always fresh.

Easy to maintain, the circulation cools the water naturally, wash the fountain weekly and change the filter every one - two weeks.

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Alison Miller
February 2010

Brought this for my cat, as he sits in the bath and waits for the tap to be turned on, and he loves it, was drinking and playing with the water as soon as it was set up. Have just ordered him the grass growing kit and the cleaning kit as well, highly recommended.

Sharon Last
November 2009

My friends cat has one and we went to purchase my cat one from her pet store.They had none in stock and their price was £48.99!!!!I found Vet UK and the unit, a pack of 3 filters + postage was only £28.00. A saving of £20.00. I had an e-mail to say it was sent out after 6pm Tuesday eve + it arrived the next day. Brilliant. As for my cat he went up to it straight away. I was worried as he is still very jumpy after the fireworks. He had a little drink then kept going back + peering at it. After his meal he had another drink, then went back again + drank + drank + drank, he was there for ages. This has made me happier that I know he is drinking + can witness the level.I can really recommend this product + Vet UK.

Sue Wingett
November 2008

I have only just bought one of these for my four cats and two of them took to it immediately - they have both always been fascinated by trickling water anyway! The other two are nervous cats and slightly more reluctant at the moment, but I am sure eventually they will use it too. The motor is a little noisy, but it is not overly intrusive. The downside of it, for me, is that it needs to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned very regularly to keep it working efficiently. I've knocked one star off for that, but otherwise I am very pleased with it. It is sturdy and looks neat, and the light grey colour is not likely to clash with anyone's colour scheme!

Patricia Mckenzie
June 2008

This is my first Water Fountain - and my four cats LOVE it. They all have various health conditions ranging from diabetes, heart, obesity and kidney problems. When I set the Fountain up on my work surface - two of them jumped on the side to see where the running water was coming from. They have now stopped drinking from puddles, birds water dish, water feature and pond, and seem to drink far more water from the Fountain as I have to top this up on a regular daily basis. The motor is noisy and have tried to put a piece of carpet underneath as it is positioned in the kitchen on a tiled floor - not helped much. I am considering another Fountain for the 'Cats Bedroom' and I see that VetUK recommend the Platinum version as it is quiet as the motor is position differently. Would highly recommend this Fountain and the service from VetUK was fast and reliable!

Martin O'hara
September 2007

We recently bought the drinkwell fountain for our year old cat because we were always finding him up at the kitchen sink! At first we weren't sure if he was using it or not but then we found him in front of it, first time trying to clean his paws! But then he got hang of it and started drinking from the fountain! It is an excellent product and he definitely drinks from it lots (the water goes down very fast). We found the motor almost silent, although it started making a louder noise in the last few days so we contacted Vets UK and they gave us a number to call. We phoned and they are sending out a new motor in case the one we have is faulty. Very friendly and fast service from both of the companies. Definitely worth the money!

Miranda Alison
July 2006

I recently bought a Drinkwell water fountain for my two kittens (10 weeks old), to encourage them to drink plenty of water from an early age. They seem to love it and are drinking loads of water from it a few times a day. One took to it immediately while the other was a little nervous of it for a day, but he now also seems fine with it - he likes to sit and watch it sometimes too! My main concern in considering whether or not to buy the fountain was the potential noise of its motor running. When the fountain arrived I discovered it is designed so that the motor beneath it is not sealed off in any way - so essentially it touches the floor. We have a tile floor in our kitchen so initially the fountain was quite loud in operation, with the motor almost buzzing on the tiles. However, we have found that placing a folded up old teatowel underneath the fountain, so that the motor touches the teatowel rather than the tiles direct, has really minimised the noise it makes; not very noticeable at all - basically it sounds quite like the noise a fridge makes. Note from Vet UK: if the small amount of noise would be and issue please see our Platinum Drinkwell Water Fountain which has a submerged motor and is all be silent. I would recommend it if you want to encourage your cats to drink more water, but bear in mind you may need the aid of an old teatowel or something similar if you place the fountain on a tiled floor !