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Cat Mate Pet Fountain 335 - From £28.06
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Cat Mate Pet Fountain 335

Cat Mate Pet Fountain 335 big image

Manufacturer: Pet Mate



Cat Mate Pet Fountain 335 is a fantastically convenient way to ensure that you cat or dog has plenty of high purity and fresh water whenever they want.

With a 2 litre storage capacity and multi-height drinking levels, this water fountain is perfect for both cats and dogs to drink from comfortably and has enough water to last them for when you're at work or out for the day. Easy clean and dishwasher friendly bowls, along with a super quiet pump, add to the amazing practicality this fountain offers making it a truly exceptional product.

The Pet Fountain 335 utilises a unique flow design and carbon filters to produce high purity and oxygenated water that tastes as fresh a mountain spring!

Approximate size is 25cm x 21cm x 17cm.

Replacement cartridges available.

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Stephen Brown
January 2017

An excellant product. Quiet, easy to clean and certainly encourages our ginger tom to drink more. The filters will last 4 weeks for a single cat if u keep the water topped up and fresh. I would recommend this fountain.

Carole Ashworth
January 2017

I've had this about 3 weeks now and it does seem to keep the water nice and fresh as it constantly flows. However, my 2 cats are still a bit wary of it. Hopefully they will get more used to it, but as yet they just like to sit and watch it! So for now I just keep filling their old water basins with water from the fountain - and they do seem to be drinking a lot more than they usually do - so it must taste nicer. I want to know how often supposed to change the water in the fountain though. No guidance on this, and I wonder if I don't need to change it as often as I do?