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Ancol Sleepy Paws Self Heated Pet Pads

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Manufacturer: Ancol

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Ancol Sleepy Paws Self Heated Pet Pads are a fantastic innovation that your dog or cat is going to love.

Designed with a clever thermal structure that reflects your pets' heat back towards them, the Self Heated Pads are covered with a luxuriously soft, sheepskin style cover. The pad can fit into the majority of beds, dog crates, cages or can simply be placed onto the floor to create a cozy spot for your little friend to curl up.

The cover can easily be removed to wash separately for easy maintenance.

Small - 19" x 15" (48 x 38cm), Medium - 25" x 19" (64 x 48cm), Large - 35.5" x 25" (90 x 64cm).

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Jenny Callaghan

I bought one of these for my elderly greyhound when she had a bad neck, thinking an extra bit of warm padding under her neck/shoulder would help. But she hated it, not sure why - maybe the crinkly sound it makes. Luckily, my JRT loves it and the sound doesn't bother him