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Smart Cat Litter Wood - From £4.84
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Smart Cat Litter Wood

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Manufacturer: Smart Cat

From: £4.84
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Smart Cat Litter Wood is unique, being the only litter made using wood flour. As the name implies, wood flour is a fine powder, much like the flour used for baking. Wood flour is made by taking dry sawdust from sawmills and grinding and sifting it into varying degrees of fine particles.

The wood flour is then compressed using just pressure and a little heat, which binds the lignin and oil that is naturally present in the wood into the Smart Cat pellets. The heat used in the manufacturing process, coupled with the low moisture content of the sawdust we use, means that Smart Cat pellets are very dry.

The use of wood flour in Smart Cat gives a greater surface to volume ratio, which in combination with the low moisture level, leads to outstanding absorption properties. From this, excellent odour protection is achieved.

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Gwenyth Childs
July 2023

I am pleased to share my review with other cat owners, as I have found this the best cat litter available. I have used many different brands of wood pellet cat litter over the years for my 2 cats, and find this one has the least amount of dust, is absorbent, and comes in 15 litre bags, which are much easier to handle if you’re a female senior citizen like me! The pellets are just the right size. I believe it is necessary to change the litter daily at least, and always remove soiled litter asap. I also find the cost is reasonable compared to other wood pellet cat litter. I rate this product at 5, and also 5 for Vet UK, who promptly address and deliver my order within a few days. I assure you that this is a totally independent review.

Margaret Allan
February 2018

This cat litter is really good. The wooden pellets give of a lovely pine smell. My cats will not use the gritty litter but use this one no problem. Also reasonably priced.

Ms B Maki
May 2017

In principle, pellet-type cat litter works by disintegrating into sawdust when cats' wee touches it. This brand is particularly good, I find, because its pellets dissolve quickly and odourlessly while leaving the untouched pellets dry and ready. On the whole, the litter box is hardly smelly and the high-quality makeup of these pellets mean that you use only a minimum per litter box visit, which is pretty cost effective. Also it is light in weight, so the bags of litter are easy to handle and store. I will be ordering these again from VetUK.

Monika Grzegorzek
September 2016

Great litter with pleasant smell, last for a long time!

Carole Ashworth
August 2016

I've been using this for my 2 cats for 3 or 4 months now and I'm pleased with it. Kept trying different wood-based ones but I think I'll be sticking with this now. Seems to disinfect well, and the cats find it easy for covering the waste, as they do. Good value for money

Elaine Goode
May 2013

Love this product. Had to switch to something new as the cat litter I had been using for a few years seemed to be going downhill in terms of its quality and convenience of use. This product ticks all the right boxes at the moment - it smells fresh, eradicates pongs as well as can be expected (no miracles but there you go), absorbs waste very well indeed and is easy to remove and dispose of. I reckon it is saving me the cost of one large bag of litter every 4-6 weeks so far. Can definitely recommend. Thought I may have some problems persauding my cat to use a new litter but so far so good.