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Katkor Non Absorb Cat Litter 200g

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Manufacturer: Rein Vet Products



Katkor Non Absorb Cat Litter is a unique product, designed intentionally not to absorb cat urine.

This special cat litter is ideal for collecting urine samples needed for further analysis when a problem is suspected. This can be key to helping your vet determine quickly and acurately any issues and resolve any problems.

Katkor acts in the same way as normal cat litter, however the urine drains directly to the bottom of your litter tray, making it easy to collect.

Also good for collecting faeces, the Katkor Non Absorb Cat Litter is an effective way to take a sample from your cat, invaluable to any cat owner and vet.

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Mary Alagna

I've a diabetic cat, and the product does what it says, but having to put it in the tray for specific collection of urine, then replace the regular litter, is fiddly and time-consuming. If Katkor developed a tray to match, that allowed you to lift the tray with the beads in it out, collect urine and/or rinse all and replace, I'd be in love with this stuff, as my cat uses a huge amount of litter now. In USA they have a system called 'smartcatbox', which uses safflower seeds, but they don't ship here...