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Breeder Celect Paper Cat Litter

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Manufacturer: FibreCycle

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Breeder Celect Paper Cat Litter is made from 99% recycled paper.

The uniquely formulated pellets are virtually dust free which minimizes respiratory irritants for your cat and caused less tracking, scattering and spreading of the litter.

The used pellets don't stick to the scoop or litter tray making the cat litter faster and easier to clean. The natural absorption of the recycled paper helps to keep the area dry and minimizes odour without the use of chemicals and additives.

Breeder Celect Paper Cat Litter is a lightweight product that is easy to lift, carry and use, and the pouring spout allows more control when pouring.

This clever cat litter is a biodegradable product that can be used as surface mulch in gardens or disposed for decomposition at managed landfill facilities.

Consider your carbon pawprint!


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Lydia Evans

Very good cat litter no harmful chemicals and no dust also good price

Alison Smith

This used to be amazing. Its easy to clean and doesn't create lots of mess but does not hide the odour at all now. Has the product changed in the last few months as I'm going to have to search for an alternative product.

Ms B Maki

Only two stars from me & my cats. This stuff was reasonably priced, lightweight, and enviro-friendly BUT we found it not to absorb odours very well at all.

Sophie Cresswell

Breeder Celect is lightweight, produces very little dust and its easy to identify Number 1s for removal from unsoiled litter. Its long lasting and although my cats tend to kick litter out of the box, the tracking is minimal.

Sallyann Rose

I have 6 cats and I have to say this is the best litter ever! It is better than Yesterdays News and it is also nowhere near as heavy!!