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Breeder Celect Paper Cat Litter - From £7.67
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Breeder Celect Paper Cat Litter

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Manufacturer: FibreCycle

From: £7.67
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Breeder Celect Paper Cat Litter is made from 99% recycled paper.

The uniquely formulated pellets are virtually dust free which minimizes respiratory irritants for your cat and caused less tracking, scattering and spreading of the litter.

The used pellets don't stick to the scoop or litter tray making the cat litter faster and easier to clean. The natural absorption of the recycled paper helps to keep the area dry and minimizes odour without the use of chemicals and additives.

Breeder Celect Paper Cat Litter is a lightweight product that is easy to lift, carry and use, and the pouring spout allows more control when pouring.

This clever cat litter is a biodegradable product that can be used as surface mulch in gardens or disposed for decomposition at managed landfill facilities.

Consider your carbon pawprint!

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Sue Unwin
March 2023

We have bought this cat litter for a charity for many years and really liked it. It was always economical, did not tread and fairly priced. Not sure what has happened over the last couple of deliveries but it is much poorer quality. Instead of being firm pellets it is now much looser and does not go as far as it used to as it is sold in litres rather than weight. I am just about to order some more for the charity but if it is the same we will have to look for another brand, which will be a shame as the cats seem to like it.

Linda Vine
March 2023

Used to like this very much eco, good odour control. Now different manufacturing and poor in comparison. pellets are smaller, lots of v small sharp ones, lots of minute particles and flakes. Consequently, it sticks to her feet and tracks to every room. Don't like that it may hurt her feet. Will purchase another brand now.

Rebecca Skinner
June 2020

This is the best cat litter we've used. It doesn’t get stuck to the cats paws and it’s easy to clean the tray out.

Lydia Evans
January 2020

Very good cat litter no harmful chemicals and no dust also good price

Alison Smith
June 2018

This used to be amazing. Its easy to clean and doesn't create lots of mess but does not hide the odour at all now. Has the product changed in the last few months as I'm going to have to search for an alternative product.

Ms B Maki
July 2017

Only two stars from me & my cats. This stuff was reasonably priced, lightweight, and enviro-friendly BUT we found it not to absorb odours very well at all.