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Vitakraft Cat Grass 120g

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Manufacturer: Vitakraft



Vitakraft Cat Grass 120g is a selection of special seeds which are capable of sprouting into good quality grass rich in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

This delicious Cat Grass stimulates digestion and helps cats to bring up potentially dangerous hair balls which can form in the stomach, and can be quite unpleasant.

A fantastic diet supplement that is invaluable to any cat and requires no chemical additive, making it 100% natural!

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Monika Knezevic

Excellent product! Very affordable, easy to use with quick results. Our cats love it. I will be getting more in future.

Lea Roberts

This product is brilliant and really cheap too. It was very easy to grow within a week it was ready to use. My bunnies loved it. They ate it pretty quickly. So pleased as our garden is full of weeds at the moment so there is no grass for them to munch on outside.

Jane Peace

Excellent product, grows very quickly- exactly as it states. Another good quality product from Vitakraft, my indoor cat loved it straight away.

Denise Cain

Tried another brand of cat grass when our kitten was 3 months old and was destroying my house plants. She wasn't interested. A year later, and with only one sorry looking houseplant left, we tried this grass - and she loves it. Definitely worth trying this!

Sue Prince

I chose this product as I thought it was just the seeds so I could plant in my own pot (I didn't want the aluminium tray as with the other product) but it came in a dark brown tray and the lid acts as a saucer. It was full grown in 5 days. Its does exactly what it says on the box, I was very impressed and pleased and a great price. I showed this to a neighbour who was so impressed she ordered one too.