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Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate 500ml

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Manufacturer: Barrier Animal Healthcare



Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate is a highly effective insecticide with a physical mode of action, the sticky consistency causes insect pests to become immobile and they die as a result.

Where an infestation exists, thoroughly wet the entire area using the product (high dilution rate of 1:20 parts water), allow the product to dry naturally and do not rinse. Poultry can be returned to the treated housing once the area has dried naturally.

As well as controlling red mite infestations, Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate provides excellent cleaning and has antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

Effective against all types of mites, ticks, fleas and other blood sucking pests.

100% natural and suitable for organic systems

Non-toxic and safe to use around feed areas and egg layers.


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