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Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan 145g

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Manufacturer: Tetra



TetraFin Gold Japan is a premium quality fish food specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of fancy goldfish, including Black Moors, Orandas, Lionheads, and Fantails

  • Rich in high quality essential fatty acids and hydrolised proteins, for healthy growth and condition.
  • Low waste for clear, clean, healthier water.
  • Contains ActiveFormula to support a healthy immune system with resistance to disease.
  • Top of the range complete diet.
  • High quality vegetable ingredients that reflect natural diet.
  • Aids the passage of food through the digestive system (separate point).
  • Sinking sticks that make it easier for fancy goldfish to feed.
  • Helps prevent swimbladder problems (separate point).
  • Rich in carotenoids to promote excellent natural colouration.
  • Extruded sticks for excellent digestion.

Feeding Guide:
Feed 2 - 3 times a day, only giving your fish as much as they can consume within a few minutes.

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Pat Hughson
August 2016

First time customer, very impressed with service, extremely quick delivery