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PetFlex No Chew Cohesive Flexible Bandage

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Manufacturer: PetFlex



PetFlex No Chew Cohesive Flexible Bandage will keep your pet from chewing and tearing bandages.

The No Chew bandage features a bitter tasting 'no chew' print which helps prevent biting, tearing and chewing.

This Sweat and water resistant bandage has been made with easy tear patented technology for quick application and no scissors required.

With a controlled compression which will not restrict and 15lbs of tensile strength, the Pet Flex No Chew Cohesive Bandage can be highly relied on.

These bitter tasting bandages are 100% safe for your pet.

Width: 10cm

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Annabelle Shemming

Great product, we bought this because our dog quite often cuts his paws, and he will chew off an ordinary bandage, but not this one, it works.