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Terumo Hypodermic Sterile Needles Outer Box

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Manufacturer: Terumo

From: £7.78
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22g x 1.5''


21g x 1.5''


23G x 5/8"


20g x 1.5''


23g x 1''


25G x 5/8"


18g x 1.5''


19g x 1.5''


21G x 1"


26g x 0.5''



Terumo hypodermic Sterile Needles; high quality disposable hypodermic needles.

Understanding the gauge of a needle; needle gauge number increase as the needle becomes thinner, thus insulin gauge is measured as 23 to 25 gauge with the largest bore needles being 14 gauge.

Understanding the length of a needle; needle length is measured from the hub and is thus the literal length not overall length of any given needle length.

Terumo disposable hypodermic veterinary needles are available in outer box quantities of 100 in the following sizes; 18G x 1.5'', 20G x 1.5'', 21G x 1'', 21G x 1.5'', 22G x 1.5'', 23G x 1'', 23G x 5/8'', 25G x 5/8'', 26G x 0.5''.