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Skinners Field and Trial Salmon & Rice Dog Food

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Manufacturer: Skinners

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Skinners Field and Trial Salmon & Rice Dog Food is a gluten-free, completely hypoallergenic food developed for working dogs.

It is formulated to give an excellent balance of Omega 3:6 fatty acids, which can help support your dog's immune system. As a valuable source of energy and to maintain a healthy coat condition, it is also coated in natural sunflower oil.

Skinners Salmon & Rice also contains enhanced levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help protect the joints of your dog.

Free from artificial flavourings, colourants and preservatives.

Whole rice (40%), salmon meal (17.50% dry weight), naked oats, peas, sunflower oil, whole linseed, sugar beet pulp, vitamins and minerals.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.9 of 5)

David Hall

Ref(Order #1893616) Just re-ordered this food,Our dog absolutely loves it, so never any waste. Great balanced diet and can be varied by adding liquids and/or veggies.Great price too.

Vicki Jones

Fab food my four dogs do very well on this food there coat are in fab shape

David Hall

Our dog loves this, so no waste. Keeps his coat beautiful, have tried quite a few brands but this one seems to be the most acceptable. Good mid price range too.

David Sims

Tried this (and VetUK) because it was hard to get the usual brand when we moved. Our Labrador loves it, her coat has remained in excellent condition, has not upset her tummy in any way and we also use it as treats. It's also cheaper and you get a discount if ordering 2 bags

Phil Banks

Great food - my Greyhound loves it and is doing really well on it, a happy tummy and shiny coat. Previously used James Wellbeloved Fish & Rice but that seemed a bit rich and frequently gave him an upset tummy - tried this on recommendation and never looked back. There is slightly more dust/crumbs in the bottom of the bag compared to JW but nothing like cheaper foods - just be careful when you tip the last bit out. Full of fish oil for coat and skin, glucosamine for joints, hypoallegenic, and a great price - what more could you want!

Rosy Dillon

Extremely good value for a high quality, hypoallergenic food. Can feed my 25kg lurcher for a whole month with this bag & he has gone from being skinny with an upset tummy to happy, springy & filled out, his cost is beautiful too, highly recommended (registered veterinary nurse)

Tania Davis-edwards

All the varieties in Skinners suit all my foster dogs as well as my own pet. I don't give them the sugar coated varieties as I think it unnecessary to feed sugar to dogs as it is hard enough to keep their teeth and breath nice, so I avoid the muesli and ruff & ready even though the dogs like them and they get on with them. I think the Skinners is value for money and does the job, but I don't understand the big price differences between the varieties.

Dawn Hawthorne

This is an excellent food for the money - not too rich, so doesn't upset tummies & smells much better than meat based food. My dogs all look really well on this and no itchy skin! It's the first food which I have bought which all three of my Ridgebacks will eat day in day out.