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Skinners Field and Trial Duck & Rice Dog Food

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Manufacturer: Skinners

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Skinners Field and Trial Duck & Rice Dog Food hypo-allergenic dog food has been specifically formulated to exclude ingredients that are known to cause sensitivities or allergies. It is free from wheat gluten, maize gluten, barley gluten, soya and dairy products.

Made from the wholesome goodness of duck, rice, and naked oats, Field and Trial Duck and Rice also contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates needed for health, vitality and sustained stamina. As a valuable source of energy and to maintain a healthy coat condition, Duck and Rice is also coated in natural sunflower oil.

Free from artificial flavourings, colourants and preservatives.

Whole rice (40%), duck meat meal (20%), naked oats, peas, whole linseed, sunflower oil, sugar beet pulp, vitamins and minerals.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

Matthew Moore

Our dog needs hypoallergenic dog food. Never had a problem with this, vet recommended it. Great price.

Darren Farnham

Great value food. We tried both our dogs on a cheaper brand but it went straight through them and caused them to have itchy skin, no such problems with this food.

Victoria Mccartney

Great price. My labs have always been dry food fed but once they reached 3 years old it was difficult to find a food that they would eat happily without turning up their noses. We went briefly to mixing in wet food but this caused sickness in one of the labs. The dog kennel they stay at recommended James Welbeloved as they ate that with no problems when we were on holiday but I read reviews on this site for Skinners and decided to try them on Duck & Rice. Both dogs eat it well without complaint and have done now for nearly two years.

Emma Thompson

I had used James Wellbeloved for years and more recently Royal Canin for my boxers. In the last few months they had developed terrible itching on both these foods and their coats were dull and falling out in handfuls. Since being on Skinners Duck and Rice the itching has gone, their coats are gleaming and their eyes are not running. Highly recommended and the price tag is fantastic.

Peter Cooper

Daisy has never been a fan of dry fod and much prefers wet, but we buy her this and mix in as little warm water, give it 30 seconds until it goes moist then feed her, she seems to love it, usually wolfs it down in a few seconds. The ingredients aren't too bad for a budget dog food, miles better than the supermarket brands like Winalot, Pedigree Chum & Bakers, plus its much cheaper! As usual excellent service from VetUK who are usually the best for price on the web for most things.

Yelena Oakes

Great food! Good value.My dogs let out much less stools than with other brands.Also my dogs usually have skin allergies,but with this food so far so good.Will stick with this food.

Louise Walliss

Our 2 Great Danes (Maguire & Elwood)love this food, the older one having skin allergies shows no problems whilst on this,it is also a very good price which has to be taken into account when feeding in total 23stone of mutt!

Jade Bartlett

My male 2yr old staffie loves this. Very good stools on this food, he had dry itchy skin so tried different brands but this goes down well all is good with skin and his coat

Michelle Thomson

Brilliant dog food. Good quality ingredients and a very good price.

Lisa Rowe

A newbie to the world of Skinners but my youngest Holly loves it! She has recently struggled with JWB since they changed the recipe but is on her second sack of Skinners Duck now and enjoys it dry as a training treat as well as soaked in water for her meals. I love that it has glucosamine and chondroitin in (great for large breed dogs) whilst being significantly cheaper than some of the other premium brands.