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Boredom Breaker Woodies Caterpillar for Small Animals 9.5cm

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Manufacturer: Rosewood



Boredom Breaker Woodies Caterpillar for Small Animals offers small animals a fun toy that provides both mental and physical stimulation as well as promoting good oral health.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals can enjoy hours of fun chewing and playing with this pet-safe toy.

This wooden caterpillar is ideal for helping small animals keep their teeth trim and strong.  

Approximate length: 9.5cm.

Reviews Overall rating: (2.3 of 5)

Samantha Green

Smaller than I expected but my bunny loves to throw it

Kathryn Hastings

Smaller than I thought it would be. Although I hope it lasts longer with just the one rabbit, I can imagine it would be pretty easy to break with some rough playing.

Naomi Youngberg

Cute, but my guinea pigs weren't keen on this toy at all, I don't think they even touched it!

Tanya James

Not a very good product as it didn't last for more than five minutes with my three rabbits. They chewed the knot off the end and the wooden balls fell off. The balls were then too small for them to do anything with them.