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Oxbow Essentials Bunny Basics T Adult Rabbit Food

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Manufacturer: Oxbow Animal Health

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Oxbow Bunny Basics T is specifically designed to meet the particular nutritional needs of adult rabbits. This high fibre diet is recommended by veterinarians to help adult rabbits maintain optimum intestinal health.

    * Timothy hay-based
    * Optimum protein level
    * Ideal diet for adult rabbits
    * Recommended by veterinarians
    * Balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio
    * High fibre from quality digestible ingredients

Feeding Directions: The needs of individual rabbits may vary. If your rabbit is over or under weight, please contact your veterinarian for more specific feeding information. 75% of your rabbit's diet should be grass hay.

Weight : Amount to feed daily (mature rabbits over one year old)

1-3 lbs.: 1/8 cup: 4-7 lbs.: 1/4-1/3 cup: 8-10 lbs.: 1/3-1/2 cup: 10+ lbs.: 3/4 cup

Available in various sizes. Please select the required size via the drop down menu below.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Anna Gorrie

I'm in the process of changing both my rabbits onto this food and so far they seem to really like it! I feel it is more nutritionally balanced than some other pellets: it's high fibre, but you also don't have to feed a lot per day for them to meet their nutritional requirements. I prefer to feed mainly hay and keep pellets as a very small part of their diet, so it's good to be sure they're still getting all the vitamins they need.

Fran Hill

An excellent pellet that is high in fibre, which is essential for healthy gut function. My vet recommended this food to me because of the high-fibre content, which is lacking in many other rabbit foods. My rabbits love it and because it's a pellet, they can't selectively feed like they would with a muesli food.