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Burns Green Oat Hay 900g

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Manufacturer: Burns



Burns Green Oat Hay is a brilliant complementary food, packed full of nutrition and is a great source of the high-quality fibre rabbit's and other small animals need in their diet to stay fit and healthy.

A lack of fibre in the diet can cause various health problems such as, dental problems, digestive upset, obesity and even fly strike.

This rich source of natural fibre is a great complement to a well-balanced, varied diet of vegetables, wild plants and herbs, mimicking the diet of these animals in the wild.  


Reviews Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

Kelly Abrahall

Very high fibre content so therefore is very good for rabbits. Mine enjoy this immensely.

Lea Roberts

My fussy bunnies enjoy this hay. They must have expensive tastes but I don't mind so long as they eat it all.

Mary Boon

Possibly the most exciting hay in the world, according to my bunnies. They love it. Hope it comes back in stock soon.

Tanya James

My rabbit is a very fussy hay eater but he really does love this. He happily munches away through a big pile. It smells lovely and fresh too.