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Onsior Tablets for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health

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Onsior Tablets for Dogs contain robenacoxib, a effective non steroidal anti inflammatory (NSAID) drug indicated for dogs suffering from pain and inflammation due to musculo-skeletal disorders.

As Onsior for Dogs is an NSAID it is important to not overdose your dog but to keep to the prescribed dose rate written on your prescription supplied by your veterinary surgeon.

Tablets sold individually.

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Pom-V | Onsior Tablets

Reviews Overall rating: (4 of 5)

Karen Snell

We were prescribed these tablets For Molly as she has arthritic front legs. Although these tablets are very good and yes they do work, the long term effects of taking NSAIDs is not good. She will have to have 6 monthly blood tests to check her liver an kidneys not to mention the effects on her stomach. I would give these tablets a 5 for pain relief but a 3 for long term effects.