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Yumove Advance for Cats Triple Action Joint Supplement 60 Capsules

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Manufacturer: Lintbells



Yumove Advance for Cats Triple Action Joint Supplement 60 Capsules offers a unique formula, expertly developed to meet the nutritional requirements of cats to support healthy joints and mobility.

This innovative, triple action formula works to proide relief to stiff joints, support joint structure and promote mobility.

The high levels of triple strength Green Lipped Mussel present in this supplement support the natural anti-inflammatory action of your cat's metabolism and also helps slow down the breakdown of cartilage in your cat's joints

Hyaluronic acid helps to lubricate and cushion your cat's joints whilst pure Glucosamine to provide the major building blocks required for cartilage replenishment.


Simply split the capsule and sprinkle this palatable supplement over your cat's daily food.

For an average 4-5kg cat, give 1 capsule per day. For older or stiff cats, use 2 per day for the first 4-6 weeks.

This pack contains 60 capsules.