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VetUK 0.5ml U40 Insulin Syringe with Needle (Box of 100)

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Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK 0.5ml U40 Insulin Syringes come complete with a 29G x 1/2" (0.33 x 12mm) bevel needle tip.

With clear graduation marks for the complete quantity and accurate dosage administration, the syringes have been made out of a durable clear plastic with a latex free piston.

The non-toxic, non-pyrogenic syringes should only be used with U40 insulin and should be destroyed after a single use.

Please note these syringes are marked in half unit graduations (0.0125ml) not single unit graduations (0.025ml).

The 0.5ml syringes allow 20 units max.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.9 of 5)

Susan Gwilliam

my cat was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago and the cost of needles from the vets was mounting up. I found these needles and we are so happy with them.they are marked in half doses excellent as we have to give 3.5 dose twice a day. arrived very quiclky very good service will definitely use vetuk again.

Valerie Phipps

These syringes are great value I used to buy the Caninsulin syringes but these cost less for a hundred than I paid for 30 and these are just as good if not better. I will be using these in future.

Martin Timms

what fantastic value, it is so expensive having a diabetic cat, so the price of these high quality syringes plus free postage really helps, well done vet uk.

Craig Parratt

This is great value for money. They are just as effective as the branded ones and much cheaper. Arrived very quickly, as always!

Jillian Smith

Excellent product and great price. My local vets charge £5 for 10 caninsulin branded syringes. These are exactly the same except they are wrapped individuallly and have half unit markings. Very pleased with quality and price.

Helen Gregory

Most excellent price for the amount off needles you get. I was worried at first using an alternative as I been buying from the vets. But this is the Best Buy to get. Very cost effective. Xxx