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BD MicroFine + Demi 0.3ml U100 Insulin Syringes (Box of 100)

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Manufacturer: BD Healthcare



BD Microfine + Demi 0.3ml U100 Insulin Syringes are safe, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic syringes for use with U100 Insulin only.

Each syringe is made out of durable plastic with a latex free piston and comes complete with a 30G x 8mm bevelled needle.

The syringes hold up to 0.3ml of U100 Insulin and are marked in clear graduations of 0.005ml (1/2 unit) for easy and accurate dosing.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.7 of 5)

Helen Hawkins

Excellent syringes! Niamh went down to 0.25iu once every other day and it was just about possible to draw such a teeny tiny amount with these syringes. She never flinches either. Would recommend definitely.

Gabrielle Nunn

Identical product to those I purchased from my vet at a fraction of the price! At least it goes towards the cost of my dear cat's costly diabetic treatment. Thank you VetUK!

Keith Clatworthy

The DB Microfine syringes are well made and work very smoothly, allowing very accurate measurement of insulin. If you have an animal that requires very fine control, then the Demi units are marked in half units, making it possible to give extremely accurate doses. The other major advantage of these syringes is that it is easy to remove unwanted bubbles from the dose, which has proved difficult with other makes of syringe I have used. The needles really are micro-fine and our cat has never flinched whist being injected. Highly recommended.