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Hills Prescription Diet TD Adult Cat Food

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Prescription Diet TD Adult Cat Food for the nutritional management of pets with dental disease.

By the age of three, your cat could well begin showing the signs of dental disease. This painful and potentially serious & expensive problem is most usually a result of plaque and tartar build up at and under the gum line.

Hills T/D diet was formulated specifically for the nutritional management of dental disease. Because your pet can’t brush his own teeth, the build-up of tartar can lead to periodontal disease, a dental condition that can weaken the gums and tissues that support the teeth.

Take time to also look at our dental care section on the site.

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Paul Whitehead

Excellent product which is well liked by my cat, prompt service and delivery

Anne Greenslade

exelent price for this food which is loved by all of my cats. Service & delivery is second to none.

Norman Boyd

Your service has been excellent from the first to the latest order. This is the ONLY food my cat now eats! The vet suggested it for a dental problem and now can't believe how good our cat's teeth are. It must work! If a vet doesn't suggest treatment - and is happy - it must be good.

Jen Kenny

Both my cats developed dental problems when they were 3 years old and had to have veterinary treatment. I was recommended this product by my vet but it was very expensive from them. I often use this website so had a look here and was very pleased to find it at a much cheaper price. The cats really like it (they can be fussy with dry food) and their teeth have been in good condition when the vet has checked since. Thanks VetUK!

Lorna Dodd

My two rescue cats, now 12, have been fed t/d all their lives and have never had any dental problems. One, still very nervous, can only be bribed by handfuls of t/d, so it must taste pretty good!

Jill Thoroughgood

been using this product for over 15 years now and one of my cats who died aged 16 last year, had never had any dental problems. his teeth were still lovely and clean with none missing! I give my cats only a small handful each once daily as its quite fatty but they all really enjoy these bickies.